Receive These Things - A Musical Based on the Book of Mormon

Receive These Things

is a musical presentation designed for wards and stakes to perform. It was written to bless individuals and families by encouraging them to read and ponder the teachings in the Book of Mormon, and then apply its ancient wisdom and inspiration to modern challenges.

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How Can I Participate?

This musical was designed for wards and stakes to perform. If you would like more information on how you and your ward/stake can perform this presentation, please contact us. We hope you find this musical as spiritually uplifting as we do.

Story Synopsis

   In vision, the prophet Mormon sees 5 latter-day characters who struggle with challenges to their faith. He selects various scriptures, from the plates at hand, to strengthen them.
   The production begins with an ensemble, dressed in Book of Mormon era clothing, mining ore to make gold plates. Prophets, including Mormon, Moroni, Lehi and Sariah, Nephi, Ammon, Alma and Amulek are introduced during the opening song, called “Mormon’s Theme.”
   Following the opening number, 5 vignettes, depicting latter-day challenges to faith, are portrayed. Each of the latter-day characters finds strength from a Book of Mormon character:

  •    1. An older couple considers serving a mission. The husband is enthusiastic, but the wife isn’t sure she has the courage. She contemplates what it must have been like for Sariah to leave her home behind, forever.
  •    2. Parents of a wayward child want the Lord to change their son by sending an angel. Lehi teaches them that seeing an angel does not always convert wayward children.
  •    3. A young woman is tempted to dress immodestly and date a young man with lower standards. Her mother’s teachings, and Ammon’s experiences at the waters of Sebus, give her strength and courage to make the right choice in the end.
  •    4. A brother, who has recently lost his job, experiences conflict when he is confronted with having to pay for damages to a luxury car. He remembers Nephi’s broken bow and asks the Lord, and his own father, to strengthen his faith.
  •    5. A sister grieves for the loss of her child. Alma, Amulek, the women and children who were consumed in the fire, and some Relief Society sisters, bring comfort.

The final scene in the play features Mormon giving the plates to Moroni, who buries them, as the Book of Mormon ensemble sings the words to Moroni 10:4-5 and encourages the audience to “receive these things.”

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Performance Reviews - (View All)

"During the opening scene, as a cast member, I had the distinct impression that I was actually a character in the Book of Mormon. It brought the Book of Mormon alive for me."

- Adrienne Thomas

"I was a cast member in the original production. I can´t get the lyrics and music out of my head. It was an inspiring, exciting, and refreshing experience."

- Duane Free

"This show changed the way that I read the Book of Mormon. Sariah, in particular, became real to me. I´ve thought many times about what it must have been like for her to leave her home."

- Madalyn Backlund

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