Receive These Things - A Musical Based on the Book of Mormon

Cast - Book of Mormon Characters

  • Mormon, age range 40 – 70, commanding presence, excellent speaking and whispering voice, wears classic, ancient, distinctive clothing with military details.
  • Moroni, age range young enough to be Mormon’s son, baritone, dressed similar to Mormon.
  • Sariah, age range 40 – 70, classical soprano, dressed in ancient robes and headdress.
  • Lehi, age range 40 – 70, baritone, dressed in ancient robes and headdress.
  • Ammon, age range 16 – 40, belt singer, dressed in ancient tunic/hunting attire.
  • Lamanite Robbers, any number; dark-skinned young men who can perform a simple, athletic dance, dressed in animal skins or other ancient hunting attire.
  • Nephi, age range 18 – 35, tenor, dressed in ancient tunic/hunting attire.
  • Alma & Amulek, any ages, tenors, dressed in shredded ancient prison garb.
  • Guards, 2 or 3 adult males, dressed in ancient military garb, holding spears.
  • Women and Children, several; may be mothers and their children of all ages; they perform a simple lyrical dance, dressed in blackened, shredded ancient clothing, wearing white flowing gowns underneath
  • Chorus, any number; (can be made up of all ages; families are encouraged to participate) dressed in ancient robes of natural earth tones.

Cast - Latter-day Characters

  • Grandmother, age 50 – 80, alto, faithful, obedient woman, not sure she’s ready to serve a mission, capable of both humor and warmth, good singer.
  • Grandfather,age 50 – 80, enthusiastic Priesthood leader capable of both humor and warmth.
  • Jonathan, age range 6 or 7 years old, capable of being both enthusiastic and nonchalant, a soccer-playing eating machine.
  • Mother of Wayward Son, age range 40 – 50, good singer, frustrated but patient.
  • Father of Wayward Son, age range 40 – 50, good singer, impatient, a “letter of the law” kind of guy, unwilling to accept that his son has made some bad choices.
  • Jacob, a rebellious young man age 16 – 25 who wears dark clothing, spiked hair, may have costume piercings and tattoos.
  • Megan, a teen girl, age range 16-18, a good girl with a touch of rebelliousness, excellent belt singer.
  • Megan´s Mother, age range 40 -50, a spiritual giant who is learning to let her daughter make her own choices.
  • Rob, athletic, good looking young man age 16 – 18 who tries to tempt Megan.
  • Jobless Man, age range 25 – 50, capable of showing both pride and humility, good singer, baritone/bass.
  • Mercedes Owner, male, any age, cocky, but considers himself to be reasonable within limits.
  • Grieving Mother, age range 25 – 35, calm, but emotional under the surface, good singer.
  • 2 Relief Society Sisters, any age.
  • Female Angel , any age, dressed in white, able to hold Jamie for several minutes.
  • Jamie, male, wears all white clothing, age 2 – 4.

Professional Soundtrack Artists' Brief Biographies

Award winning composer Merrill Jenson generously offered his talents and expertise by creating custom orchestrations for each of the original songs. Brother Jenson's work has been heard on many church films, including Legacy, The Testaments; of One Fold and One Shepherd, and Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration. Brother Jenson recently scored Emma Smith: My Story, and also has an extensive resume of Hollywood films, including several directed by Academy Award winner Kieth Merrill.

Sandra Turley, who starred on Broadway as Cosette in Les Miserables, provides the voice of a grieving mother whose only child has passed away.

Actor and recording artist Daniel Beck sings the role of Alma, who comforts her. Brother Beck has played a number of roles in the Liken the Scriptures DVD series, and recently released an album entitled Daniel Beck; Love Like That.

Kevin Mackley, the speaking voice of Moroni on the soundtrack, has more than two decades of experience in broadcasting, acting, and voice-over work. His voice has been featured in thousands of commercials, both nationally and internationally, for clients such as Novell Inc., Ford Motor Company, BYU, Elder John K. Carmack, and Subway. He was recently featured in the film Forever Strong, and has also starred in several roles off-Broadway.

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Jared Young sings the role of Moroni. Most know him as Nephi in the Liken the Scriptures film series, but many might recognize him as Simba and Tarzan from the BYU Young Ambassador show. Jared also has toured Europe with the pop sensation T-Minus Friday, singing lead vocals on two separate albums. His most recent musical theater credits include: Chad in All Shook Up, Mereb in Aida, Judas in Power in His Touch & Matt in the Original Cast of The White Star.

Roger Hoffman is the composer of “Consider the Lilies,” one of the best-known choral works throughout the church. Brother Hoffman is also a recording artist and soloist with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Music and the Spoken Word and also on their CD Come, Come Ye Saints. He sings the role of Lehi, who counsels the distraught parents of a wayward son to turn to the Savior.

Darin and Kim Underwood sing the roles of the parents of the wayward son. Brother Underwood performed with the Young Ambassadors at BYU, touring in the former Soviet Union and Germany. He has done recording for Michael McLean and Power Productions, and has performed extensively with his wife, Kim. Sister Underwood has a degree in Music Theatre from BYU, where she toured with the Young Ambassadors and taught voice on the faculty. She has done recording on several albums for such LDS artists and composers as Michael McLean, Kurt Bestor, Sam Cardon, Janice and Steven Kapp Perry, Greg Hansen, and Tyler Castleton. Kim has performed in theatre in the Salt Lake area, including Hale Centre Theatre, Kingsbury Hall, and the LDS Conference Center Theatre, where she played Mary Magdalene in Savior of the World.

Janice Kapp Perry, perhaps the best known LDS female composer, was invited to sing the role of the grandmother. She was hesitant to participate, claiming that she was not a trained singer or actress. However, Sister Perry's sweet humility and testimony were perfect for the role.

Michele Wood Baer, who sings the role of Sariah, is a popular speaker and performer at firesides, benefit concerts, bookstores, and Especially for Youth. Labeled a “new Karen Carpenter' because of her smooth vocal style, Sister Baer promised the Lord that she would continue to develop her voice only to inspire people to repent and come unto Christ. Sister Baer has 3 albums to her credit: Out of the Dust; Never Give Up: Songs of Faith and Family; and You're Worth It All.

Danny Davis sings the role of Nephi. Brother Davis, a BYU graduate and a former Young Ambassador, has also been a performer on Disney Cruise Lines. He has been an adjunct professor at UVU and currently teaches singing and dancing at a studio in Salt Lake and performs in a professional variety show with his sister.

Artie Hemphill lends his soulful country baritone to the project by singing the role of a jobless man who is struggling to regain his faith. Artie's voice has been featured on many studio recordings for country songwriters. His authentic Nashville sound, backed by the Iron Horse band, is currently charming audiences throughout the Intermountain West.

Zachary Hess, currently a student at BYU and a Young Ambassador, sings the role of Ammon. While a student at the Orange County High School of the Arts in Southern California, Brother Hess traveled extensively with a youth performing group called Celebration USA as a featured soloist in many venues, including Provo 's Stadium of Fire. He plans to serve a full time mission from 2010 to 2012.

Taylor Olson sings the role of a teen girl who is tempted to lower her standards in dating and dress. Taylor was recently a featured soloist and host with the Youth Celebration DVD Brand New Year, and is also a student of David Archuleta's vocal coach Dean Kaelin.

Choral director Dyanne Riley has been teaching at Utah Valley University for 15 years, where she has twice received honors for her teaching. She is Director of Choral Activities and an Associate Professor. She sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for almost 10 years, and helped train new members coming in to the choir as the Vocal Specialist for 4 years.

Guitarist Mike Fjerstad and pianist Daniel Johnson are also featured as instrumentalists on the soundtrack.


Performance Reviews - (View All)

"During the opening scene, as a cast member, I had the distinct impression that I was actually a character in the Book of Mormon. It brought the Book of Mormon alive for me."

- Adrienne Thomas

"I was a cast member in the original production. I can´t get the lyrics and music out of my head. It was an inspiring, exciting, and refreshing experience."

- Duane Free

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