Receive These Things - A Musical Based on the Book of Mormon

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It's one thing to read the Book of Mormon and recognize truths that pertained to an ancient people. It's another to realize those truths pertain as much to today's people with today's problems: a man who's lost his job, a mother whose child has died, a teenage girl faced with protecting her virtue, parents dealing with a wayward son, couples faced with leaving grandchildren behind...[Continue Reading]

Receive These Things on LDS Radio:

Listen to a radio broadcast by Greg Hansen of Your LDS interviewing Sally Johnson, who produced Receive These Things.

Note to Church Leaders

Receive These Things was written to bless individuals and families by encouraging them to read and ponder the teachings in the Book of Mormon, and then apply its ancient wisdom and inspiration to the modern challenges they face.

Spiritual Preparation:
To make this production more meaningful, families should read and discuss the following brief scripture passages before and/or after attending a performance:

1) Words of Mormon 1:6-7 (Mormon prepares the plates for a wise purpose)
2) Mormon 8:35 (Moroni has seen us, and knows our doings)
3) 1 Ne. 2:2-4 (Lehi leaves Jerusalem)
4) 1 Ne. 2:9-14 (Lehi’s lament for Laman and Lemuel)
5) Alma 17:27-39 (Ammon defends King Lamoni’s flocks)
6) 1 Nephi 16:18-23 (Nephi breaks his bow)
7) Alma 14:8-11 (The Spirit constrains Alma and Amulek from saving the women and children who are consuming in the fire)
8) Moroni 10:4,5 (Moroni exhorts us to read the scriptures and to pray that we may know truth)

Families are invited and encouraged to participate. This production can contain any number of cast members of all ages in the ensemble. There are lead parts for singers and non-singers of all ages. A complete listing of cast members is found on pages 4 and 5 of the script.

This production is different from a typical play. It can be used as a whole, or parts of it can be used for shorter programs with specific themes such as missionary service for older couples, strength of youth, dealing with wayward children, loss of job, and death of a family member. The running time for the entire program is approximately an hour and 15 minutes. The 7 scenes are of varying lengths.

The production allows adaptation for budget, time, and talent constraints. Elaborate costumes and scenery are not necessary. If the audience numbers more than 50, an adequate sound system is necessary. Wireless microphones will allow freedom of movement for the actors and singers. However, the scenes may be done in a reader’s theater format with standard microphones.

While some group rehearsal is necessary for the opening and closing scenes, the script was designed to keep group rehearsals to a minimum. The accompanying CD will allow much of the musical rehearsal to be done in the home or on an individual basis.

Reimbursement Donation:
A sponsor provided the funds to create the professional soundtrack. If a stake wishes to produce this musical, a donation is requested in order to help offset this cost. However, the donation is not required. This is not a for-profit work. It is the hope of the authors, composers, and sponsors that this production will be used, whether or not the production costs are met.


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"During the opening scene, as a cast member, I had the distinct impression that I was actually a character in the Book of Mormon. It brought the Book of Mormon alive for me."

- Adrienne Thomas

"I was a cast member in the original production. I can´t get the lyrics and music out of my head. It was an inspiring, exciting, and refreshing experience."

- Duane Free

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